Targus Bags for the iPod Generation: Orange is “Edgy”

Hello, Young Urban Professionals, have I got a bag for you. Actually, I have four of them, all new bags from Targus ($60-$120) designed with the iPod generation in mind. See the iPod peeking from the pocket on the outside of this briefcase? In case you, the urban sophisticate, need prompting as to what the pocket is for, there is a logo that looks like the iPod’s round control surface right there on the front. Notice that the iPod pocket (which has a hole for inserting a headphone connector) sits where many manufacturers put their first cellular telephone pockets, back when handsets were the rage. The phone is now in the case.The Urban Messenger Bag (are there rural messengers, too?) also has an iPod pocket on the outside, though you may have to click on the picture to find it there on the left side of the flap.I really don’t mean to poke fun, butTargus Bags for the iPod Generation: Orange is "Edgy" I couldn’t help myself after reading the first two paragraphs of the press release. These people are hard core, in the Women’s Wear Daily sense. Here goes:”Targus, Inc., maker of the world’s best-selling notebook cases and accessories, today launched the Urban series of laptop cases with an edgier look and feel, aimed toward young professionals. The four styles in the Urban collection include the Urban Messenger, Urban Topload, Urban Backpack and Urban Travel Roller.

Targus has coupled brighter colors with an urban-like design to offer young professionals an alternative to the traditional, uniform notebook cases.“The Urban collection’s edgier appeal offers a unique and stylish alternative in the marketplace for young professionals carrying notebooks,” said Steven Robert, Targus general manager. “We created a more trendy and fashionable line of cases to appeal to the young professional’s desire for design and functionality, featuring vibrant colors and personalized pockets that carry a notebook and all essential mobile accessories.”Edgier colors, look, and feel? Urban-like design? Personalized pockets? Do they have your name on them? When did orange become edgy? Should I call this the Stephen Robert fall collection?Seriously, I’ve had many Targus bags over the years and they’ve always been a good value for the money.

They wear well and I’ve never had one fail me–which I can’t say for some lots-more-expensive bags. Still, it’s hard for me to think of a computer bag as a fashion accessory. However, as I am too old and live too far out to be an “young urban professional” I’ll have to yield to the judgment of the focus groups that I am sure had some part in the design of these bags. Maybe if I get one, I’ll be cool again? (Like I ever was).Targus bags are available universally and if you don’t want (or can’t afford) to buy a high-dollar bag, these just might project your “unique and stylish” (yet edgy) urban image. While letting everyone know you have an iPod, of course.