Clash Royale reached over 5 million installs.

Supercell has joined the club of foreign game developers to take Iranian rials (the nation’s currency), at least for its flagship name, Clash of Clans.

A deal reached with the largest third-party app store in Iran, Cafe Bazaar, which plugs Battle of Clans into its local payment gateway on March 24. This empowers Iranians to pay for in-app purchases using their debit card through an interbank system called Shetab (this is mainly because of the sanctions the state has faced). After a 9 percent VAT is deducted supercell is left with 61 percent of revenues and its 30 percent is claimed by Cafe Bazaar. The metrics on Cafe Bazaar site clock Clash of Clans downloads at over 1 million to date and Clash Royale to over 5 million installs.

The business ca’t be happy after having Supercell bump out its competitive advantage in the market — when its hosting provider, SoftLayer, determined to suddenly block all user traffic coming out of Iran and so shortly after the technical upset in February. Its gamer foundation had to begin using VPNs to get Clash of Kings, and in combination with this move by Supercell, the future does’t look overly light.

COC players moved to Clash Royale Game

Sixty-four percent of mobile gamers in Iran are playing Clash of Clans, and 30 percent are playing with Clash Royale. Compare this to the 9 percent share for Clash of Kings and you get a much better sense of Elex-Tech circumstances is ’sed by. There is certainly just no other competition to be seen, which efficiently monopolizes the whole nation.


Clash of Kin’ popularity has grown to soaring heights in Iran during the past few years and Clash Royale, the beginner, became an immediate hit upon its international release. This is’t necessarily surprising since the whole world is witnessing the stunning success of this refined card collectible-strategy hybrid. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb lately reported on Newzoo’s latest figures indicating that Clash Royale is nearing the $1 billion mark globally in record time. Precisely the same amounts suggest that the Middle East merely provides a paltry 1 percent share.

“I downloaded Clash Royale before its global launching by creating an Apple ID on the Canada store, while it was being initially rolled out for testing and debugging,” said Amir Lajevardi, aka CeNaRiuS, a 35-year old software engineer who distributes computer apparatus in Iran and is a pro gamer for 14 years.

Over two thirds say when it comes to Supercell games that clans are significant to them. It’s fairly common nowadays to find that friends or even intimate couples in Iran having met through playing any of these mobile hits.

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Telegram is the messaging program of choice in Iran, where clans like Lajevardi’s “Persian Gulf ” anchor all their communications and that’s,. Dedicated Telegram stations to Supercell titles are springing up all over the area. It’s where they share the most recent game news, strategies, and details on offline events offering the gamer community an opportunity to get in touch in actual life.

The excitement has extended into esports. Iran Cyber Games (ICG) ran a Clash Royale tournament for the very first time this month. It consisted of a double elimination of 50 players. Each player paid $2 as a registration fee, with a huge prize of $400 for grabs. That’s a substantial sum when you take into account that two thirds of mobile gamers in Iran make less than $571 per month.

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