Be a WINNER through Simcity Buildit

Strategy Games are hotcakes:

If we talk about the game of strategy that the people are playing day and night, than we can never miss the SimCity Buildit as it has raised as one of the games that have been discovered as one of the most engaging games because people loves to spend considerable hours with them in their daily routine.

Game are the ultimate key to fun:

After the whole day out, then the game is the only place which you find secluded from others as you do not need to face any kind of frustration and your work is also done in a few hours, you can try as hard as you can. And the best part is that you can leave behind your colleagues which you have been thinking very long to do.

Which age group should cater to SimCity Buildit?

The SimCity Buildit game is not like any crossword game in which you need to take or perform tons of homework before playing, rather it is like multitasking, made up on the model on which the corporate and the workstations work. The game is about balancing and fixing up of priorities to earn the best you can in a little period of time. So age group can get down with the kids to adult whoever have the flair of games can take your hands along the game.simcity buildit hack

Does all the content is available on the internet:

The Internet is the sea of knowledge if you start searching you will never come out of it. But, yes in this case you can definitely search out the various tips and tricks that are available on the net and can implement them in the game to gain loads of income in the short span of time.

How to earn more income with Simcity Buildit Hack

Simoleons can be earned by putting lots of tricks which you can get via the internet or via playing in trying wrong moves. The wrong moves will definitely give you lots of experience and will also teach you how to proceed further for your next move. Falling is the next ladder of success, do remember. The income can be increased by serving the people better so that they give you a good income and you can collect more taxes. Attempt to minimize your cost and upgrade the house as much as you displace. If you dont want to spend to much time to get simoleons you can try Simcity buildit hack.

Is it an amusement to play the game?

The SimCity Buildit has been one of the places that are a kind of resort to many as the strategies and the tricks that are required to play the game gives you the exposure to the world. So if you are looking forward to playing the game, then put your experience. And the fun part is, of course, will be there after getting the coins, keys and rewards you can be a WINNER.

Being a WINNER is not difficult in SimCity Buildit if you have played hard with all your time and efforts. So Play hard and to keep your good work!

Shaper Image’s Christmas is Blindingly Silver

The Sharper Image “Holiday 2005” catalog arrived in the mail a few days ago. I was shocked at how little of the stuff I actually wanted. And how cheesy so much of it as become. Especially the stuff the company designs itself.There was a time, 20 years ago, when Sharper Image sold name-brand devices that were hard to find at retail. There was Panasonic, and Sony, and a fair number of things–like radios and sound equipment–that I really wanted. Or at least that’s how I remember it. This catalog, however, is filled with cheap-looking silver and off-white plastic (thanks Apple!) and includes a painful amount of “Invented Here” products that, as a group, strike me as being garbage.

Shaper Image's Christmas is Blindingly Silver

Lately, Sharper Image has built some sort of reputation–I hope it’s not a good one–selling “Invented Here” electrostatic air filters/purifiers. They cost as much as $550 and Consumer Reports regularly gives them mediocre reviews. Hint: If you want to filter the air in your house, but a whole house air filter. It does a lot more for not a lot more money. Or just check Consumer Reports at the library and get one of their recommended filters. Even a 3M replacement furnace filter does more than the Sharper Image products.Also in the expensive-but-doesn’t-review-well category is the $549 Dyson vacuum cleaner.

And there is a bewildering array of tacky iPod gadgets in the catalog, based around a universal connector system for power and sound. Nothing too special there.Did I mention the $59.95 battery-operated nose hair trimmer and the $49.95 power tail clipper and file? How about the $39.95 liquid soap dispenser “with no-drip technology and a muscial chime that’s fun for kids.” Gee, I sure with I’d invented these.As an aside, a vendor was in for a meeting last week and showed me a product–all silver plastic–that will be in Sharper Image stores before Christmas. The vendor admitted that some people might find the silver plastic a tad repulsive but that it did match what the stores were selling. My wife, meanwhile, looked at the Sharper Image catalog and wondered aloud if any of the store’s customers actually had girlfriends, since so many of the products had a “bachelor pad” look to them. My bet is women stay well away from this stuff. And the men who buy it.If, per chance, you’re in the market for this stuff, let me offer a word of advice to you: Brookstone, which I think is a much more interesting catalog.

Logitech Harmony 880 Remote

My ham radio buddy, John, really likes the Logitech Harmony 880 remote control that I sent home with him to test for me. The $250 device is designed to replace multiple remote controls and competes with other advanced remotes soLogitech Harmony 880 Remotemetimes costing three times as much. I gave the 880 to John because he comes closer to having “up to 15” devices to control than I do. He has an extensive home theater system and was pleasantly surprised that the Harmony remote could control all his equipment. This includes a component that comes with an RF-based remote control (which the Harmony doesn’t support) but apparently has an IR receiver as well. Since the Harmony is IR-only, this worked out just fine. The Harmony is configured using a web site, a PC, and a USB connection to the remote control. You select the devices you own on the site and the information is this loaded into the remote.

The unit is “activity based,” meaning it’s designed to send all the commands necessary for an activity all at once. If you want to watch TV, for example, the unit might send an “on” command to your receiver, select the proper input, turn on the cable converter, and turn on the TV set itself–all with the press of a single button. In that way, the Harmony can replace several remotes and a whole bunch of button pushing.The Harmony remove includes a color LCD display (left) from which you select the activity of your choice.

The unit also comes with a recharger, which John say he needs to use only every few days.One of the best features of the Harmony remote (shown right, click on the image for a full-sized and less-dithered view) is a “help” key that can solve programming problems. For example, after you hit the “off” key the screen asks if everything has really been turned off. If not, hitting the help key walks you through various fixes. If they work, the remote memorizes them and you never need to use help again. If only computers worked like this.The Harmony remote is an excellent product that requires a certain level of geekiness to configure. Plus $250, which isn’t so much if you’ve already dropped $6,000 or more on a home theater system. However, once programmed the LCD makes a home theater easy for even non-geeks (like spouses and children) to use and appreciate.

The Best Binocular Under $100

This is one of my best finds.Among my many interests is birding. I have more than 300 species, which ranks me a more than a novice and less than someone whose observation of something rare will be immediately accepted by his fellows. One of the ways birders impress one another is by purchasing high-end binoculars–say in the $1,300 to $1,500 range. If birding is your fowl obsession, this is a fine way to spend money, though not an entirely necessary investment. The best bins won’t make up for an inexperienced or sloppy birder. But, the do signal a serious intent. (One of the best birders I know, however, uses a decades old pair of $200 bins that are almost falling apart).Most birding binoculars start at $300-ish.

The Best Binocular Under $100But, what if you’re a new birder, a young person, or someone who just wants a nice pair of inexpensive bins for looking at clouds or watching the neighbors? Well, most low-end binoculars are pretty sad. Look through them long enough and blindness may not seem like such a bad alternative.So, I was very pleased when more than a year ago, Pete Dunne, the noted birding author, introduced me to these fine binoculars. The Nikon Action series takes advantage of inexpensive, but high-quality, Chinese optics and manufacturing.

The result? A very nice pair of 7×35 bins (Model 7215) that sells for as little as $49 online (do a search). The 7×50’s, heavier, larger, but better at dusk and dawn, sellfor a bit more.These are fine binoculars. They are what I keep under the front seat iof my car for unexpected sightings. They are what I loan to friends and recommend to new birders. When I let fellow birders look through them and ask them to guess how much I paid for them, the usual answer is $300 or more. Are they perfect bins? Of course not, but you would have to spend several times as much to get anything better and most people (who have never looked through really great binoculars) can’t tell the difference.Nikon also offers the somewhat more expensive Action EX series, which are waterproof and more rugged. Not that I have had any problems with the Actions I already own. I have not tested the EX series, so I can’t tell you if they produce images as good as the earlier models. I suspect they are fine. BTW, friends don’t let friends buy “zoom” binoculars because the optics are so lousy. And I wouldn’t even think of recommending the Action zoom models.

Targus Bags for the iPod Generation: Orange is “Edgy”

Hello, Young Urban Professionals, have I got a bag for you. Actually, I have four of them, all new bags from Targus ($60-$120) designed with the iPod generation in mind. See the iPod peeking from the pocket on the outside of this briefcase? In case you, the urban sophisticate, need prompting as to what the pocket is for, there is a logo that looks like the iPod’s round control surface right there on the front. Notice that the iPod pocket (which has a hole for inserting a headphone connector) sits where many manufacturers put their first cellular telephone pockets, back when handsets were the rage. The phone is now in the case.The Urban Messenger Bag (are there rural messengers, too?) also has an iPod pocket on the outside, though you may have to click on the picture to find it there on the left side of the flap.I really don’t mean to poke fun, butTargus Bags for the iPod Generation: Orange is "Edgy" I couldn’t help myself after reading the first two paragraphs of the press release. These people are hard core, in the Women’s Wear Daily sense. Here goes:”Targus, Inc., maker of the world’s best-selling notebook cases and accessories, today launched the Urban series of laptop cases with an edgier look and feel, aimed toward young professionals. The four styles in the Urban collection include the Urban Messenger, Urban Topload, Urban Backpack and Urban Travel Roller.

Targus has coupled brighter colors with an urban-like design to offer young professionals an alternative to the traditional, uniform notebook cases.“The Urban collection’s edgier appeal offers a unique and stylish alternative in the marketplace for young professionals carrying notebooks,” said Steven Robert, Targus general manager. “We created a more trendy and fashionable line of cases to appeal to the young professional’s desire for design and functionality, featuring vibrant colors and personalized pockets that carry a notebook and all essential mobile accessories.”Edgier colors, look, and feel? Urban-like design? Personalized pockets? Do they have your name on them? When did orange become edgy? Should I call this the Stephen Robert fall collection?Seriously, I’ve had many Targus bags over the years and they’ve always been a good value for the money.

They wear well and I’ve never had one fail me–which I can’t say for some lots-more-expensive bags. Still, it’s hard for me to think of a computer bag as a fashion accessory. However, as I am too old and live too far out to be an “young urban professional” I’ll have to yield to the judgment of the focus groups that I am sure had some part in the design of these bags. Maybe if I get one, I’ll be cool again? (Like I ever was).Targus bags are available universally and if you don’t want (or can’t afford) to buy a high-dollar bag, these just might project your “unique and stylish” (yet edgy) urban image. While letting everyone know you have an iPod, of course.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watches

If you are serious about aerobic exercise–whether it’s walking, hiking, running, cycling, field sports, skiing, or something else–you ought to have a heart rate monitor. And the best heart rate monitors are made in Finland by PolaPolar Heart Rate Monitor Watchesr. I bought my first one more than 20 years ago, and while I haven’t been seriously exercising all that time, when I am serious I’m never without a HRM. Why? Because in order to meet your fitness/weight loss goals you need to exercise at the proper intensity. Your heart rate is the best was to determine how are you are working. And a wireless heart rate monitor is the only way to continuously monitor your heart rate.Whole books have been written about heart rate training, so I won’t explain it in detail, except to say that staying in your “target zone” provides the greatest value for time spent training.

Polar has heart rate monitors for a variety of sports and starting at less than $60. Of course, the more you spend, the more features you get. My first monitor was $349 in 1985 dollars and had fewer features than today’s $100 monitor.This Christmas–having ruled out the Garmin Edge 305–what I’d like to find under the tree is a Polar S725 (right), a cycling-oriented HRM that also measures speed and pedal RPM, not to mention altitude, climbs, and temperature, all of which are stored for downloading and analysis.

Of course, this sophistication doesn’t come cheap: MSRP is $350.Or maybe I’d rather have the new CS200cad (left), part of a family of bike-mount HRMs that start at about $150. This is a very convenient device, but not as fully-featured as the S725.I’ve given Polar monitors in the past as gifts and in the past have tended to have an extra one around the house to loan friends. New users are always amazed that “how they feel” about their exertion level or how tired they feel, often doesn’t match what their heart rate tells them.You may be wondering how accurate these monitors are. Polar advertises them as ECG-accurate and, yes, I’ve tested them and have found Polar monitors to always be within a beat or two of the high-dollar medical gear.If you’re at all serious about fitness, a heart rate monitor should be your training partner. And Polar, in my experience, makes the best.

Garmin Edge 305 GPS-enabled Cycle Computer

Since Jen has started her Christmas list, I’ll start mine. But, since I am more chatty than Jen (yes, it’s true) I will present mine as individual items, separated into gifts I want and gifts I’m giving.I am not sure the Garmin Edge 305 ($379.95 ouch!) is tops on my “most wanted” list, but I’ve recently returned to bicycling and bike stuff has really caught my attention. Not surprisingly, the Edge 305 uses a GPS to provide cycling functions.

The 305 comes in two models, Garmin Edge 305 GPS-enabled Cycle Computerone that records heart rate and they other that records cadence (which for non-cyclists is pedal RPM). I am betting the Edge has only one receiver for outboard sensors, explaining why it’s an either/or choice. That is a significant limitation in a high-end–make that stratospheric–bike computer.Another apparent limitation is the lack of support for uploaded maps. That seems to be a severe limitation, at least compared to how useful it would be to have local street or topo maps loaded when you go out for a ride. This would seem to be especially important to mountain biker and long-distance riders. It would also allow a course to be pre-programmed, allowing the GPS to provide turn-by-turn directions. Having made a wrong turn during a century ride, I can assure you that having to backtrack is no fun at all.

The Edge 205 is a less-expensive version (no HR or cadence, using GPS instead of barometric altimeter) that sells for $269.95. Something I like about the Edge devices is the large, 1.17″W x 1.44″H display. Looks like it will be easy to read and, maybe, the backlight is powerful enough to make it useful at night. However, this big display and the need for an antenna mean the overall side of the unit is 1.75″W x 3.7″H x .9″D, which is positively huge for something that’s supposed to hang on the stem or handlebars.Come to thing of it, if I really need a GPS on a bike ride, I’d probably be better off carrying a standalone unit with a color screen and street maps loaded. The Garmin Edge 305 has once again proven to me that multi-function devices often make compromises I wish they wouldn’t. So, cross this off my list. But, I still need better bike lighting and a heart rate monitor. Guess, I’ll keep shopping.(Note: Runners, hikers, etc., should consider Garmin’s Forerunner products, which are much like the Edge products, but are intended for wrist mounting).

Clash Royale reached over 5 million installs.

Supercell has joined the club of foreign game developers to take Iranian rials (the nation’s currency), at least for its flagship name, Clash of Clans.

A deal reached with the largest third-party app store in Iran, Cafe Bazaar, which plugs Battle of Clans into its local payment gateway on March 24. This empowers Iranians to pay for in-app purchases using their debit card through an interbank system called Shetab (this is mainly because of the sanctions the state has faced). After a 9 percent VAT is deducted supercell is left with 61 percent of revenues and its 30 percent is claimed by Cafe Bazaar. The metrics on Cafe Bazaar site clock Clash of Clans downloads at over 1 million to date and Clash Royale to over 5 million installs.

The business ca’t be happy after having Supercell bump out its competitive advantage in the market — when its hosting provider, SoftLayer, determined to suddenly block all user traffic coming out of Iran and so shortly after the technical upset in February. Its gamer foundation had to begin using VPNs to get Clash of Kings, and in combination with this move by Supercell, the future does’t look overly light.

COC players moved to Clash Royale Game

Sixty-four percent of mobile gamers in Iran are playing Clash of Clans, and 30 percent are playing with Clash Royale. Compare this to the 9 percent share for Clash of Kings and you get a much better sense of Elex-Tech circumstances is ’sed by. There is certainly just no other competition to be seen, which efficiently monopolizes the whole nation.


Clash of Kin’ popularity has grown to soaring heights in Iran during the past few years and Clash Royale, the beginner, became an immediate hit upon its international release. This is’t necessarily surprising since the whole world is witnessing the stunning success of this refined card collectible-strategy hybrid. GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb lately reported on Newzoo’s latest figures indicating that Clash Royale is nearing the $1 billion mark globally in record time. Precisely the same amounts suggest that the Middle East merely provides a paltry 1 percent share.

“I downloaded Clash Royale before its global launching by creating an Apple ID on the Canada store, while it was being initially rolled out for testing and debugging,” said Amir Lajevardi, aka CeNaRiuS, a 35-year old software engineer who distributes computer apparatus in Iran and is a pro gamer for 14 years.

Over two thirds say when it comes to Supercell games that clans are significant to them. It’s fairly common nowadays to find that friends or even intimate couples in Iran having met through playing any of these mobile hits.

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Telegram is the messaging program of choice in Iran, where clans like Lajevardi’s “Persian Gulf ” anchor all their communications and that’s,. Dedicated Telegram stations to Supercell titles are springing up all over the area. It’s where they share the most recent game news, strategies, and details on offline events offering the gamer community an opportunity to get in touch in actual life.

The excitement has extended into esports. Iran Cyber Games (ICG) ran a Clash Royale tournament for the very first time this month. It consisted of a double elimination of 50 players. Each player paid $2 as a registration fee, with a huge prize of $400 for grabs. That’s a substantial sum when you take into account that two thirds of mobile gamers in Iran make less than $571 per month.

Twitter Shortcuts You Won’t Want to Live Without

If you use Twitter’s interface, there are several shortcuts (pressing 2 keys to give the the same action as a series of mouse-clicks) you will wonder why you haven’t been using them before now.  These are especially beneficial if you do some actions more than others, for instance; if you use your “Favorites” (tweets marked as Favorites to be used or referred to at later dates)  a LOT, G + F will take you straight to your Favorites page.  They are also good to know if you can’t remember where some of these menu items are.  For instance, if you can’t remember where Twitter keeps their “lists” feature, all you need to do is type G + L.


Viewing the Twitter shortcut cheat-sheets below, you can see some of them are pretty intuitive while others may take using a few times to get them memorized.  You can refer back to this cheat sheet any time; just favorite this page or download the images.

In addition to the twitter shortcuts shown above, you can see a few more available with the image displayed below.

There’s one more quick trick I’d like to add that isn’t really a shortcut – but may save you some time.  If you ever share your tweets, and want a Twitter link for a specific post, here’s a very short video to show you exactly how to do that.

Did you find these shortcuts useful?  Do you have any favorite Twitter shortcuts or tips you would like to share? I’d like to know!

I’m an artist at heart, always feeling creative. I fell in love with social networking and social media years ago when I was introduced to Twitter and it grew into a love affair when I created my website and had to learn to optimize my site, and market myself online. Now I like to share what I’ve learned over the years with my friends both old and new. Sometimes I might have a snarky, “Oh No She Didn’t” attitude, sometimes I might have a comedic sense of humor, but regardless of the view take, I hope you will enjoy what I write.

The 5 coolest features of the new Google Pixel

Rumors of a touchscreen Chromebook have finally come to fruition, as Google launched their own branded device, the Google Pixel.  Coming in at $1299 for the base model, this is not a price conscious model like we have seen recently from Samsung or Acer.  The Chrome Pixel is meant to show that Google’s Chrome OS has arrived.  This feature packed model includes an Intel Core i5 processor, up to 5 hours of battery life, an HD webcam and the ability to open and close the lid with a single finger.  Below are the 5 coolest features of the new Google Pixel.


1.  The Screen – Google built this screen with web browsing in mind, opting to go with a the 12.85-inch 3:2 ratio display instead of the more common 16:9.  This provides 18 percent more vertical space, perfect for web content.  The screen sports a 178 degree extra wide viewing angle and a 2,560 x 1,700 resolution, giving it a PPI of 239.  This beats the Macbook Retina and the average Windows laptop has about half that.   It also offers a brightness of 400nit, making it 25 percent more bright than any other laptop screen on the market.  That’s perfect if you want to work outdoors.  To top it all off, it’s has a Gorilla Glass multi-touch enabled screen.

2.  The Touch-pad – A big part of whether you actually enjoy using your laptop rests squarely on the touch-pad.  A poor touch-pad experience can render even the most powerful laptop unusable.  Luckily, even though the Pixel has a touch screen, Google still went all out on the touch-pad.  Pixel’s touchpad is made from etched glass that Google says has been “analyzed and honed using a laser microscope to ensure precise navigation.”  Google has paid special attention to how the track-pad interprets the hand/palm/finger interaction.

3.  3 Microphones – Users that want to use there Chromebooks for video conferencing through Hangouts will be happy to know that the Pixel packs 3, almost imperceptible, microphones.  There are two in 0.1 millimeter pinholes near the camera that use a beam-forming technology to cancel out background noise.  The third microphone is located underneath the keyboard, and is used to cancel out any keyboard clicks and clacks.

4.  Quickoffice – We are now seeing the fruits of Google’s acquisition of Quickoffice from a year ago. Quickoffice will come preloaded on the new Pixel and users will be able to open and view Microsoft Office documents. Google has announced that in 2 to 3 months you will have full Microsoft Office compatibility so that you can create and edit native Office documents.  This should be especially helpful for businesses.

5. 1 tb of free storage for three years – For those worried about where they are going to store all of there new documents that they have just created with Quickoffice, Google it including 1tb of their cloud storage free for 3 years.  One of the best features of the Chromebook is the ease in which you can save everything to the cloud and then access it from anywhere on any device.  With 1 tb of storage, you shouldn’t have to worry about space, even if you are storing videos and graphics.  The best part?  1 tb of cloud storage from Google would normally costs you $49 a month.  That works out to $1764 over 3 years which means that if you purchase the Google Pixel, you will actual save $465.

With a $1299 price tag, the Google Pixel is not for everyone.  It does, however, show Google’s willing to continue to innovate and push us closer to their vision of a wireless world based in the cloud.

Are you going to pony up $1299 for to be part of the Chromebook elite?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.