The purpose of this site, above all, is a selfish one: I write to help me understand them, and to comprehend myself. I write about games because the medium that is interactive excites and fascinates me.

Beyond that, though, I have a want to discuss the interactive medium . Playing games is never a truly lone encounter any more than reading a book or watching a film is: you are always interacting with the head of another individual, the person who created the work. Nevertheless, it is in discussing this interaction that we fully tap into the possibility of the graphics to alter us. And so I expect that this website might spawn some of that dialogue: I hope that folks will play the games I play, think about them, and then talk about them with me, so that we may better understand ourselves, others, and the world.

Few of them are dedicated to discussing the impact they will have on us, although there are tons of places to discuss game titles. I hope that this can be one such place.